Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 2 May 2017]

Aarabi, K to Crapnell, R

Staff Sponsor (ie Member) Other Relevant Gainful Occupation, Employment, Gift or Benefit
AARABI Kasra Richard Bacon None.
ABELLAN SAN MARTIN Manuel Tom Brake Councillor, London Borough of Sutton.
ABU-HARB Hannah Diane Abbott None.
ACKERMAN Reuben Virendra Sharma None.
ADDIS Melanie Cheryl Gillan None.
ADEOSUN Grace Anne-Marie Trevelyan None.
AFILAL Nabila David Nuttall None.
AGNEW Jordan David Anderson None.
AGUBRETU Esenam Gary Streeter Gifts/Benefit: Bursary/ scholarship received from CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) a registered charity, as an intern on their graduate training scheme.
AHLUWALIA Kirith Seema Malhotra None.
AHMED Imran Angela Eagle Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
AHMED Nusrat Rehman Chishti None.
AHMET Meliz Norman Lamb None.
AIKENS Christopher James Morris None.
AIRD Christine Mary Glindon None.
AJAYI Felicia Gavin Barwell None.
AKINBUSOYE Festus Mark Lancaster Company Director, Ikan Facilities Management Limited (security services).
ALDRED Daniel Theresa Villiers None.
ALDRIDGE Steven Henry Smith None.
ALEXANDER Chloe Kerry McCarthy Part-time Co-ordinator for the Performers' Alliance All-Party Parliamentary Group and paid for this work by the Performers' Alliance.
ALEXANDER Jane Robert Neill None.
ALEXANDER Lindsey Stephen Gethins None.
ALFORD Laura Elizabeth Truss None.
ALI Amina Rupa Huq Labour Party Councillor, London Borough of Tower Hamlets.
ALI Sadia Yasmin Qureshi None.
ALLAN Carol Charles Walker None.
ALLAN Emily Edward Vaizey None.
ALLAN James David Gauke None.
ALLEN Melina Grant Shapps None.
ALLEY Christopher James Wharton None.
ALLISON Timothy Claire Perry None.
ALMODOVAR JIMENEZ Jennifer Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh None.
ALMOND Catherine Andrew Stephenson None.
ALMOND Thomas Wes Streeting None.
ALTON Stephen Michael Ellis None.
AMOORE Susannah Michael Gove Parliamentary Researcher, Surrey Heath Conservative Association (political party).
AMOR William Helen Whately None.
ANDERSEN Eliot Sue Hayman None.
ANDERSON Angus Chris Skidmore None.
ANDERSON Beverley David Lammy None.
ANDERSON Catherine Rory Stewart None.
ANDERSON Deborah Paul Monaghan None.
ANDERSON Julie Jeffrey Donaldson None.
ANDERSON Kelly George Osborne None.
ANDERSON Lynne Phil Boswell None.
ANDREWS Simeon Grahame Morris Parliamentary consultant. Clients: Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union, Rail Maritime and Transport Union, Public Commercial Services Union, Fire Brigades Union, NAPO (the family court and probation union) Prison Officers Association, and the Trade Union Coordinating Group, National Union of Journalists (all the above are trade unions); Westminster Drugs Project, Blenheim CDP and Addaction (drug and alcohol service providers).
ANELAY Thomas Eleanor Laing None.
ANJEH Renie Jim Dowd None.
ANKER Constance Stephen Barclay None.
ANNECCHINI Giorgio Christopher Chope None.
ANTHONY Nigel Dan Jarvis None.
ANTHONY Shireen Tim Farron None.
ANTONIOU Alexia Kelly Tolhurst None.
ARBLASTER-HULLEY Genevieve Lucy Frazer Marketing Assistant, Sun Global Investments Ltd (investments/ financial services).
ARCHDEACON William Adam Afriyie Rapporteur, Digital Policy Alliance (policy think tank)
ARCHER Stephanie Sarah Olney None.
ARCHER William Jeff Smith Co-ordinator, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sudan and South Sudan and paid for this work from the group's registered funds.
ARCHIBALD Beverley Thangam Debbonaire None.
ARMSTRONG Sandra Sammy Wilson None.
ARNOLD Dan Rebecca Long Bailey Associate Tutor, Birkbeck, University of London.
ASHER Jay Wes Streeting None.
ASHLEY Laura-Jane Mark Williams None.
ASHRAF Nadeem Yasmin Qureshi None.
ASHTON Thomas John Stevenson None.
ASKEW Anna Iain Duncan Smith None.
ASLETT Susan Gareth Johnson None.
ASTLE Rachael James Davies None.
ATHERTON Daniel Andrew Stephenson None.
ATKIN Inigo Christian Matheson None.
ATKINSON Imogen David Burrowes None.
ATKINSON John Karen Buck None.
AYOUBI Azam Graham Stuart None.
AYRES Claire Owen Paterson None.
AYRES Jordan Peter Bone Campaign Assistant from 1-31 July 2016 for Grassroots Out Ltd (campaign to leave the European Union).
AYRES Laura Elizabeth Stewart Jackson None.
BACKHOUSE Peter David Burrowes Gifts/Benefit: Bursary/ scholarship received from CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) a registered charity, as an intern on their graduate training scheme.
BACON Carolyn Jo Churchill None.
BACON Cheryl Angela Watkinson Councillor, London Borough of Bexley.
BACON Samuel Jo Stevenson None.
BADLEY Caroline Gisela Stuart None.
BAGULAY Lesley Mark Prisk None.
BAINES David Liz McInnes Councillor, St Helens Council.
BAITHUN Claire Dominic Grieve None.
BAKER Charles Sarah Newton None.
BAKER Harriet Alan Duncan None.
BAKER Roger Yvette Cooper Consultant, YvetteForLabour (campaign)
BAKER BOGUE Malin Nigel Adams None.
BALCHIN Peter Mel Stride None.
BALCON Caroline Robert Courts None.
BALDAM Jean Alan Duncan None.
BALDON Barbara Guto Bebb None.
BALDRY Ryan David Mackintosh None.
BALHARRY Alison Michelle Thomson None.
BALL Philip Andy Burnham Political Advisor, Andy4Leader (political campaign)
BAMBERY Christopher George Kerevan Producer (part-time), Islam Channel.
BANAHAN Elizabeth Gavin Williamson None.
BANHAM Richard Keir Starmer None.
BANKS THOMPSON Julie Andrew Bingham None.
BARKER Claire Nicholas Soames None.
BARKER Edward John Penrose None.
BARNA-LAUE Ben Phillip Lee None.
BARNES Antonia Marcus Fysh None.
BARR Emma Victoria Atkins Ad hoc communications work for Women2win (organisation which aims to increase the number of Conservative women in Parliament and in public life).
BARR Victoria Douglas Carswell None.
BARRAND Andrew Kevin Foster Campaign Manager, Totnes Conservatives (political association).
BARRATT Mel Karl McCartney None.
BARRATT Samuel Tim Farron Head of Broadcast, Liberal Democrats party.
BARRON Janet Sammy Wilson None.
BARRON Ruth Alberto Costa None.
BARROW Stuart David Rutley Copywriter, Blakeney Holdings Ltd (holdings company).
BARTLETT Iryna Robert Syms None.
BARUA Aparna Jeremy Lefroy Senior Advocacy Officer, Sabin Foundation Europe (UK registered charity).
BASILE Andrew Anna Soubry None.
BASS Michelle Rob Wilson None.
BASS Rowena James Berry Local Councillor, Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames.
BATCHELOR Emily Luciana Berger None.
BATEMAN William Alberto Costa None.
BATES Elizabeth John Healey None.
BATES Robert Michael Dugher None.
BATTIOUI Nadia Stephen Timms None.
BATTY Connor Bob Blackman None.
BAUN Dominic Mark Pritchard None.
BAYCOCK Thomas Anne Marie Morris None.
BAYLISS Daniel Guy Opperman None.
BAYRAKTAROVA Yordanka Helen Hayes None.
BEADLE Rachel Scott Mann None.
BEAL Christine Craig Whittaker None.
BEALL Nicholas Steve Reed None.
BEARDSLEY Edward Frank Field None.
BEARE John Peter Grant Councillor, Fife Council.
BEAUPERE Charlotte John Penrose None.
BEAVAN-VAUGHAN Zara Tom Pursglove Campaign Assistant from 1-31 July 2016 for Grassroots Out Ltd (campaign to leave the European Union).
BEDFORD Sarah Gareth Johnson Solicitor, Thomas Boyd Whyte (private legal practice).
BEGLEY Jacqueleen Mike Kane None.
BELFIELD Nikki Dan Jarvis None.
BELL David Michelle Thomson None.
BELL-CROSS Lorin John Spellar None.
BELLO Xavier Angus MacNeil Manager of Regulation, London Stock Exchange Group.
BELLOW Sarah Lucy Frazer None.
BELLWOOD Kay Eric Pickles None.
BENEA Teodora Rusharna Ali None.
BENN Stephen Hilary Benn Parliamentary Affairs advisor, the Society of Biology (a registered charity).
BENNETT Antony Alun Cairns Councillor, Vale of Glamorgan Council.
BENNETT Antony Will Quince None.
BENNETT Daniel Michael Ellis None.
BENNETT Katherine Justin Tomlinson None.
BENNETT Ruth Bob Stewart Councillor, London Borough of Bromley.
BENNETT Ursula Jim Dowd None.
BENNETT Veronica Bill Esterson Councillor, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council.
BENNION Rachel Susan Elan Jones None.
BENSUSAN Iona Eleanor Laing None.
BENTON Scott Craig Whittaker None.
BERMAN Nicholas Ben Gummer None.
BERRIDGE-DUNN Henry Nigel Huddleston None.
BERRY Orla Kerry McCarthy None.
BERRY Philip Kwasi Kwarteng None.
BERWICK Ann Rosie Winterton None.
BESSEY Benjamin Lyn Brown None.
BEST Stacy Stuart Andrew None.
BETTERTON Judith Geoffrey Clifton-Brown None.
BETTLES Ian John Hayes None.
BETZ Samuel Julian Brazier None.
BICKERTON Rory Holly Lynch None.
BILLENNESS Joseph Mel Stride None.
BINDING Christopher Owen Smith None.
BINKS Margaret Nick Clegg None.
BIRT Hannah Fiona Mactaggart None.
BISH Lucy Steve Pound None.
BISHOP-LAGGETT Abigail Chris Heaton-Harris None.
BITHELL Natalie Mark Prisk None.
BLACK Alexander Nick Herbert None.
BLACKMAN Nicola Bob Blackman None.
BLAGBROUGH Howard Craig Whittaker Councillor, Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council.
BLAKISTON MOORE Stefan Clive Efford None.
BLASENHEIM Lois Dennis Skinner None.
BLOORE Christopher Richard Burden Councillor, Bromsgrove District Council. Councillor, Worcestershire County Council.
BOAKYE DANKWA Mariam Harriet Harman None.
BOCKING Andrew Margaret Greenwood None.
BOGGIS Theo Tracey Crouch None.
BOLA Kiren Virendra Sharma None.
BOLD Matthew Jo Stevens None.
BOLSOVER Sophie Kwasi Kwarteng Parliamentary Manager, The Henry Jackson Society (foreign affairs think tank).
BOND Ashleigh Rory Stewart None.
BOND Edith Richard Harrington None.
BOND Robert Steve Double None.
BOND-JONES Sophie Mark Francois None.
BOOTH Victoria Nick Clegg Director of Operations, Open Reason (company that supports Nick Clegg in his role as former Deputy Prime Minister and promotes non-partisan evidence based policy in the UK and internationally).
BORE Philippa Chuka Umunna None.
BORIS Collin Jeremy Lefroy None.
BOSE George Matthew Offord None.
BOTTERILL Jade Yvette Cooper None.
BOUGHTON Joshua Philip Dunne None.
BOUGHTON Matthew Tom Tugendhat Councillor, Maidstone Borough Council.
BOULTON Susan Angus Robertson None.
BOWE Sophie Nusrat Ghani None.
BOWEN Christine Toby Perkins None.
BOYCE Jack Patrick McLoughlin None.
BOYLE Michael Margaret Ritchie None.
BOYLE Nicola Mark Pawsey None.
BRACCHITTA CORBYN Sebastian John McDonnell None.
BRADFORD Johanna Justine Greening None.
BRADLEY Allison Chris Skidmore None.
BRADLEY Benjamin Mark Spencer Councillor, Ashfield District Council.
BRADLEY Christopher Wayne David None.
BRADSHAW Amy James Cartlidge None.
BRADY Joseph Anne McLaughlin None.
BRADY Kate George Howarth None.
BRANIGAN Pearce Priti Patel None.
BRAYBROOK Alice Fiona Bruce None.
BRAZELL Shadi Helen Hayes None.
BRAZIER Katherine Julian Brazier None.
BRAZIER Laura Peter Lilley None.
BRERETON Jack Karen Bradley Councillor and Cabinet Member, Stoke-on-Trent Council.
BRETT Phillip Nigel Dodds None.
BRIDGE Thomas Liz Kendall None.
BRIDGMAN Sarah Andrew Griffiths None.
BRIGHT Alexander Therese Coffey None.
BROADHEAD Catherine Bill Wiggin None.
BROCKBANK Louie Julian Sturdy None.
BRODIE Benjamin Chris Leslie None.
BROOKS Bronwen Owen Smith County Councillor, Vale of Glamorgan.
BROOKS Diana Julian Lewis Councillor, New Forest District Council. Councillor, Totton and Eling Town Council.
BROOKS Ethan Kit Malthouse None.
BROOKS Kristiana Charlotte Leslie None.
BROOKS Mark Karl McCartney None.
BROOKS-JONES Heledd Jonathan Edwards None.
BROOMFIELD Holly Suella Fernandes None.
BROUGHTON Michael Nigel Evans None.
BROWN Ailie Patrick Grady None.
BROWN Ashley Karl Turner None.
BROWN Hannah Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh None.
BROWN Harriet Gavin Williamson None.
BROWN James Jon Cruddas None.
BROWN Jean Sharon Hodgson None.
BROWN Jill Nick Hurd None.
BROWN Kirsty Meg Hillier None.
BROWN Lloyd Robert Flello City Councillor, Stoke-on-Trent City Council.
BROWN Milton Graham Allen None.
BROWN Morwenna Jeremy Hunt None.
BROWN Nicola Margaret Beckett None.
BROWN Steven Ian Blackford Councillor, East Lothian District Council.
BRUCE George Joanna Cherry None.
BRUCE Samuel Fiona Bruce None.
BRYAN Lyn Margaret Beckett None.
BRYCE Elaine Daniel Poulter None.
BUCHANAN Roz Edward Timpson Director, G+H Consulting Ltd (actuarial and business consultancy).
BUCKLAND Lisa George Osborne Special Advisor, HM Treasury.
BUDD Liam Cat Smith None.
BUIST Kerry Matthew Hancock Constituency Agent, West Suffolk Conservative Association.
BUKATA Chloe Adrian Bailey None.
BULF Mara Oliver Heald None.
BULLETT James James Berry None.
BULLIVANT Christopher Owen Paterson Executive Director, UK 2020 Ltd (think tank).
BULLOCK George James Wharton None.
BUONO Anthony Nigel Evans None.
BURGE Jill David Tredinnick None.
BURGESS Michael Phillip Lee Overseas Visits: 21-23May 2016, to Qatar to attend Doha Forum. Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs paid for flights and other transport, hotel accommodation and food.
BURKE Kathryn Alex Chalk None.
BURKE Michael Diane Abbott Parliamentary Adviser, Labour Party.
BURLEY Christopher Steve Double None.
BURPEE Susan Liz Kendall None.
BURRELL Andrew John Pugh Gifts/Benefits: Bursary/ scholarship received from CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) a registered charity, as an intern on their graduate leadership training scheme.
BURSTIN Dominic Pauline Latham None.
BURSTOW William Michael Tomlinson None.
BURT Eve Alistair Burt None.
BURTON Lucy Caroline Dinenage None.
BUTCHER Matthew Caroline Lucas None.
BUTLER Hilary Matthew Offord None.
BUTTERS Paul Tim Farron None.
BUTTERWORTH Heather Jeremy Hunt None.
BUTTIMORE Amanda Alistair Burt None.
BYFORD Morwenna Margaret Hodge None.
BYRNE Matt Stephen Timms None.
CAFFELL Anna Caroline Spelman None.
CAFFERTY John Angela Smith Regional Secretary, Unison (trade union).
CAIRNS Ryan Tom Brake None.
CALDERBANK Michael Ian Lavery Research Assistant, Union Services (parliamentary consultancy). Clients: National Union of Journalists; Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union; Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (all the above are trade unions).
CALDWELL Andrew Dominic Raab None.
CALEB Ian Nick Smith None.
CALLAGHAN Daniel Tim Farron None.
CALLAGHAN Kirsty Alan Whitehead None.
CALUORI Joseph Ann Coffey Councillor, London Borough of Islington.
CAMDEN Lucy Dominic Raab None.
CAMP Emma John Pugh None.
CAMPBELL Constance Ben Gummer None.
CAMPBELL Kate Tommy Sheppard None.
CANE Lulu Nigel Evans None.
CANHAM Lesley Jo Churchill None.
CANN Lucy Julie Elliott None.
CARBERRY Joseph Kevan Jones None.
CARDENAS Daniel David Lidington Intern, Florida State University.
CARLIN Dana Diane Abbott None.
CARLTON Benjamin Alex Chalk None.
CARPENTER Rebecca Frank Field None.
CARRITT Adele Keith Simpson None.
CARRUTHERS Jake Jack Lopresti None.
CARTER Emily Alan Mak None.
CARTWRIGHT Patrick Mark Harper None.
CARTWRIGHT Russell Kelvin Hopkins None.
CASHLEY Calum Deidre Brock None.
CASSIDY Alistair Carol Monaghan None.
CASSIDY Colleen Lilian Greenwood Councillor, Corby Borough Council. Overseas Visits: 4-6 July 2016 to Switzerland on a transport study trip. Accommodation, transport and sustenance paid for by Swiss government.
CASSIDY Iain Andy Slaughter Councillor, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.
CASTLE Laura Julian Smith None.
CASTLES Zachary George Freeman None.
CATHCART Melissa Jacob Rees-Mogg None.
CATTO Gregor John Glen None.
CAUSER George Caroline Nokes None.
CAWSEY George Christina Rees None.
CHADELLE Olivia Jacob Rees-Mogg None.
CHAMBERS Adam Flick Drummond None.
CHANG Elliott Nick Boles None.
CHAPMAN James Chris Davies None.
CHAPMAN Janet Jeremy Corbyn None.
CHAPPELL Elliot Tulip Siddiq None.
CHARLES Angela Oliver Letwin None.
CHATFIELD Carol Eleanor Laing Receptionist, BMW (motor trade).
CHEDIAK Lynsey Clive Betts None.
CHERRY Grant Julian Brazier None.
CHOHAN Bilal Michael Dugher None.
CHOWDHURY Areeq Graham Allen None.
CHRISTIE Annette Anne McLaughlin None.
CHRISTOU Emily Barry Sheerman National Strategy Coordinator, National Children's Centre (charity).
CHURCH Joanna Richard Bacon None.
CINCIK Tamara Sharon Hodgson None.
CLABER Duncan Pat Glass None.
CLARIDGE Thomas Alan Mak None.
CLARK Callum Drew Hendry None.
CLARK James Angela Smith None.
CLARK Katy Jeremy Corbyn None.
CLARK Matthew Nadhim Zahawi Parliamentary Liaison, Elected Technologies (technology).
CLARK Sally Hilary Benn None.
CLARK Suzanne Chris Leslie None.
CLARKE Malcolm Pat Glass None.
CLARKE Rachael Tim Farron Deputy Head of Policy, Liberal Democrats.
CLARKE Russell David Warburton None.
CLARKE Simon Graham Stuart None.
CLAYTON Thomas James Heappey None.
CLELLAND Daniel Oliver Colvile None.
CLEMENTE Brendan Justin Tomlinson None.
CLIFFORD Richard Keith Vaz None.
CLIFTON Emily Greg Hands None.
CLODE Victoria James Brokenshire None.
CLOW Alistair Barbara Keeley None.
COE Elizabeth Stephen Barclay None.
COEKIN Rhian Caroline Ansell Gifts/Benefit: Bursary/ scholarship received from CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) a registered charity, as an intern on their graduate training scheme.
COEKIN Richard Desmond Swayne Faith Consultant, Church of England.
COGHILL Clare Barry Sheerman Councillor, London Borough of Waltham Forest.
COHEN Elaina Khalid Mahmood None.
COLBOURNE Timothy Nick Clegg Director of Policy, Open Reason (company that supports Nick Clegg in his role as former Deputy Prime Minister and promotes non-partisan evidence based policy in the UK and internationally).
COLBURN Elliot Paul Scully None.
COLCLOUGH Seamus Kate Osamor None.
COLE Jane Jane Ellison None.
COLE Philip Caroline Flint Councillor, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.
COLE Tom Robin Walker None.
COLEBY Sarah Anne Milton None.
COLEGATE-STONE Georgina David Lammy None.
COLEMAN Niall John McNally None.
COLEMAN Robert Caroline Spelman None.
COLEY Sean Anna Soubry None.
COLGAN Deirdre Siobhain McDonagh None.
COLLET Daniel Neil Coyle None.
COLLIGAN Paul Stephen Twigg None.
COLLINGBINE Emma Vernon Coaker None.
COLLINS Benjamin Kevin Hollinrake None.
COLLINS Callum Thangam Debbonaire None.
COLLINS Thomas Alex Salmond None.
COLLINS-WALSH Colette Kevin Brennan None.
COLTHAM Ben Johnny Mercer None.
COLYER Linda John Spellar None.
COMER Natasha Boris Johnson None.
CONNOLLY Eleanor Jim Cunningham Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
CONNOR Jacqui John McDonnell None.
COOK Oliver Matthew Pennycook None.
COOKE Kelham Nick Boles Constituency Agent, Grantham and Stamford Conservatives. Councillor and Cabinet Member, South Kesteven District Council.
COOMBES Joseph Nick Herbert None.
COOPER Abigail Emily Thornberry None.
COOPER Eric Andrew Jones Councillor and Leader, Harrogate Borough Council. Councillor, North Yorkshire County Council.
COOPER John Christina Rees None.
COOPER William Vicky Foxcroft None.
COOTES Nicola Gerald Kaufman None.
COPLEY Joy Ann Coffey None.
CORENBLOOM Vicki Nick Gibb None.
CORINA Tess Neil Coyle None.
CORNETT India George Osborne None.
CORRY-ROAKE Joe John Healey None.
COSGROVE Caroline Lucy Frazer None.
COSTA Fleur Jim Dowd None.
COSTA Maria Alberto Costa None.
COULTER Richard Charlotte Leslie None.
COWAN Amanda George Eustice None.
COWIE Susan Stuart Donaldson None.
COWLEY Benjamin Chris Philp None.
COX Jonathan Geoffrey Cox None.
COX Matthew Peter Heaton-Jones None.
COXON Linda Heather Wheeler None.
COYNE Amelia Keith Vaz None.
COYNE Daniel Louise Haigh None.
CRABB Beatrice Stephen Crabb Overseas Visits: 12-17 February 2017 to Israel on a fact finding political delegation. Travel and meals paid for by Conservative Friends of Israel and Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
CRAIG Teresa Crispin Blunt None.
CRAIGIE Emily Catherine McKinnell None.
CRAKER Nicholas Sheryll Murray None.
CRANE Emma Antoinette Sandbach Councillor, Rugby Borough Council.
CRAPNELL Ross John Penrose None.